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Financing for solar panels with loans up to €15,000 now available

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About the loans

Loans up to €15,000 with loan periods up to 72 months.

Solenergo in collaboration with Inbank Latvia now offers individual financing options. Receive your solar panel systems instantly while splitting the payment into small monthly payments.

Loan Details

Inbank has the following requirements and conditions.

What the process looks like:
  • Contact Solenergo and receive and offer.
  • Fill out a lease application form online.
  • Sign the lease by transfering 0.01 EUR.
  • Receive product.
Lease Requirements:
  • Client must be over the age of 22;
  • Net monthly earnings must exceed 260 EUR;
  • Positive Credit history;
  • Lease amount is determined based on net earnings and pre-existing lease amounts.
Lease conditions:
  • Lease term from 12 to 72 months;
  • Lease amount from 750 to 15 000 EUR;
  • Pre-term loan repayment in full is possible without extra charges;
  • Down payment if applicable;
  • Fixed interest rate of 5.9% per year.

We are happy to answer any of your questions!

SIA Inbank Latvia
+371 66 939 000

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